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  • How You Make Decisions…and Use Your TIME…Determines Who Wins

    By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc. – 06/17/2022 Published in American Printer “A time of turbulence is a dangerous time…… but its greatest danger is a temptation to deny reality…”….Peter Drucker, Consultant, Writer, Strategist INTRODUCTION: Janet Yellen recently admitted to CNN – “I was wrong last year to believe Inflation to be transitory” …. (The Wall Street Journal). She wasn’t by herself…there was a lot of support for her views to go around – as the Fed was, by her admission, using old analysis to new, never-before-experienced – Data…and conditions. Let’s do a brief reality check: We’re continuing to be “short” basic building supplies for housing. (That’s not expected to change - for at least three more years, as we’re short that much home building materials and labor.) Many Commercial Print organizations are “short” – experienced personnel – and could easily hire another 5% of their current workforce. (Skilled pay in some metro areas is up 30%+.) Mills and Paper Distributors tell us, “We will take care of our best and most loyal customers”. That’s “code” for taking care of their largest, best-paying customers – 1st. …And there appears no objection expressed from our associations – but – that has the effect of contracting our industry faster, as modest and smaller Print organizations – can’t win orders – without paper, and customers turn to alternative media. The U.S. has significant oil and gas reserves. Yet transportation costs of an extra $100/week+ are disrupting work, employment, and family stability – as individuals must make radical changes to their transportation needs. Our Federal Reserve has “one blunt tool” to correct Inflation: Interest Rates - which has the effect of theoretically punishing all parties equally – but particularly those lower on the economic ladder. (We now have families that suddenly can’t afford: (a) how much their rents are being raised – and must find someplace else to live, (b) to buy a home – and compete against deep-pocketed out-of-town investors. (So much for the stabilizing effects of family-home ownership - as local home and real estate organizations – push back.) SUMMARY: My list of out-of-balance issues – runs much longer, as I believe your list does also. My conclusion is that – “We must relearn to cooperate and compromise – and clarify the rules of a God-fearing society - to solve our collective problems, or we are on our way - to losing our democracy. It’s not just about what I want. And…Inflation does not appear to be THE total problem, though it certainly is a part of the problem… that’s being created. Our society, for a very long time, made value decisions… “For the greater good”.

  • Newly Hired Employees - Deserve Our Best....! And....Conditions Are Changing...Are We Changing...?

    By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc. – 06/3/2022 Published in American Printer “The buck stops here…..”…..Harry S. Truman INTRODUCTION: On a recent CEO Peer Group Conference Call, our Agenda requested Members to share what they were doing differently in 2022 - with newly hired employees – to improve both hiring and retention of employees, especially new employees. Results of these discussions also showed improved revenues - and margins….! One CEO member, who’s known for personally attending to issues requiring change in his company (of well-over 400 employees) – got everyone’s attention when he shared: “We learned that some of our long-term employees were not welcoming new employees….” “A few of our long term employees were not proactively sharing job-related information - that would be helpful to a new employee….” We stepped-up communicating what we expected of our company community – for assisting our new fellow employees to become a meaningful part of what we stand for, including what values and initiatives - are expected. We also doubled-up what was expected of assigned mentors, and then followed-up to make sure those details are happening – with a genuine sense of goodwill. Productivity changes per shift and department – were reported to front-line new and long-term personnel – weekly. You might ask, "Were there any changes in results…?" Results measured – and observed: Quality of applicants – noticeably improved - over the last 4-6 months. Number of short-term hires leaving in 1st 30-90 days – dramatically reduced. Productivity per employee hour worked – noticeably improved. A number of long-term and new employees who had left – returned…! We started doing a better job of checking competitors’ pay and benefits – and matching similar grades of skill. Note: We had invested in air-conditioning our three Plants - over the two previous years – something our competitors had not done. Clearly, we had an “edge” re. “Benefits ”- that was paying off. SUMMARY: Pay and benefits - are important. But a “Positive Atmosphere” and “Genuine Goodwill” – are impossible to fake – or compensate - with only pay. Do your homework – and don’t just “play” with good suggestions and ideas. Put them into action….and follow-up – always. If your 1st suggestion needs to change – then change it. A great workforce tends to lead to increased revenues – and improved margins…! “All that is required for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”……..Edmund Burk Copyright© 2022 Chadwick Consulting, Inc. All rights reserved. *Contact Us* Phone: (336) 558-4939

  • Do We See The Depth... of Our Decisions.....?

    By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc. – 05/20/2022 Published in American Printer "I would say to the House, as I said to those who have joined this government: 'I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.' We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering. You ask, what is our policy? I can say: It is to wage war, by sea, by land, and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us; to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of human crime."…………….Winston Churchill, Before Parliament, on his 3rd Day as Prime Minister, The Writer’s Almanac, May 13, 2022, (This speech took place May 13, 1940) INTRODUCTION: We are slowly recognizing that we are caught in a tangle of evil - that must be discerned, and overcome. Few of us know the depth of benefits we enjoy – from sacrifices by those who have gone before us. More recently, earlier decisions from our leaders, designed to avoid tough decisions, did not deter our adversaries, but rather emboldened them to pursue their ambitions. Today, we have representatives in our midst, who do not appear to be able to turn, face - and “hold the line”. Our great industry is experiencing loss and turnover of skilled personnel, to self-destructive levels. Yesterday, on a Plant Managers’ Peer Group Conference Call, I asked, “Do any of you have in your Personnel Manuals, instructions for employees of all ranks, on ‘How, If Necessary, To Properly Leave Your Organization’…?” Not one organization attending that Conference Call - had instructions or issues to consider. Our Discussion Included – if you care, responsibly about your fellow employees, and the organization that has employed and trained you, your Personnel Manual should ask you to consider: Discussing with your Supervisor your situation, and can some reconciliation be worked out for you to: (a) stay, or (b) stay to train your replacement(s). Listing your duties, responsibilities, and activities – that on your leaving, must subsequently be covered. What information or skills, are you the only one who knows – or – Who are your backup personnel – with that knowledge…? After leaving, are you available to train another fellow employee – in the evening or weekends…or for part-time weekend work? (During a recent hospital stay, most of my nurses were “contract workers” – from other parts of the U.S or even other countries.) How much time can you provide your employer, and fellow employees, to find replacements, before you leave? (A future employer who is not considerate of the employer you are leaving, should probably be reconsidered.) SUMMARY: Many of our organizations are like large, invisible communities, with tentacles that stretch far beyond our everyday communities. Wanzie Collins, CEO of Panaprint, had a valued Bindery employee recently tell him he was needing to move to Orlando, to assist in caring for a family member. He wanted Wanzie to have adequate “Notice”, though there were no instructions in Panaprint’s Personnel Policy Manual. Wanzie asked if he would need a job in Orlando, which he did. Wanzie immediately called three Printers in the Orlando metro area, and all three offered Panaprint’s current employee – a job, just on Wanzie’s endorsement. Our Personnel Manuals should provide proper and helpful guidance, though every situation is a little different. Today, most Personnel Manuals - provide little guidance. Whether we leave an employer responsibly, or not so responsibly, that word follows us. And our Personnel Manuals are but a beginning point to create a much needed stability and respect - for the loss of valuable employees - and their employers.

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    Now Available for Online Coaching Mission: To improve the organization and personal performance of clients, through research, education, publishing and consulting --- providing clients with options --- for improved performance. Visitor Must Read...Customer Survey Testimonials...No other organization equals our 1000+% ROI. Published Articles Customer Surveys Customer Survey Testimonials CEO Peer Group(s) Upcoming Schedule of Events Plant Manager's Peer Group(s) Peer Group Testimonials Consulting Pressroom Performance Improvement Workshop Client Testimonials Business Development Directors' Peer Groups Wide-Format Peer Group Press Justification Studies Research Workshop Contact Information Research Resources Monthly Survey Newsletter Published Articles The Resources section opens-up well over 700 published articles to your selection, ranging from "Development of Customers", to "Retention of Employees", to "Improved Self-Promotion Options". Some long-term clients have archived everything we've had published. Other clients use our articles and columns --- for their Sales Education Meetings. Other industries --- outside of Graphic Communications --- use our articles and columns, as we are told that most are "universal" and "timeless" --- in their content. The Ben Franklin Society Learn More NAPL's Walter E. Soderstrom Society Learn More ABOUT Chadwick Consulting, Inc. is a strategic business development, marketing and sales training organization committed to improving business outcomes for the graphic communications industry. Client-based research services assist in identifying prospects, determining revenue development opportunities, compiling background information for customer development, creating appointments and self-promotion materials, and developing responses for RFQ’s and RFP’s. ​ Chadwick Consulting, Inc. represents over thirty years of professional experience in account development and strategic marketing management in business-to-business environments. Sid Chadwick has worked as a marketing field consultant in graphic communications markets for over twelve years, and has been a contributing columnist to various graphic communications publications, including Printing Impressions , IPA Bulletin , American Printer , Graphic Arts Monthly , Georgia Printer , and Printing Industries of America Print Management Series . ​Sid Chadwick Our mission is to improve company and individual performance in the graphic communications industry through business development resulting from research, strategy development, education and training, and publishing.​ ​ The staff of Chadwick Consulting is experienced in customer and prospect research, sales team training, identification and development of company differentiation, team building, continuous productivity improvement, and supervisory development in the graphic communications industry. This can be particularly useful when corporate performance, culture, and interdepartmental communications are in need of improved direction, and/or renewal. ​ Chadwick Consulting contributes professional articles for publication on a monthly basis, facilitates peer groups, and conducts equipment justification studies from a strategic perspective. ​ We also conduct employee surveys for employee and supervisor performance development. ​ In effect, we work to increase clients’ options, and focus – for improving bottom line performance. As a general observation, many clients elect to work with us in varying roles after initial assignments. ​ Chadwick Consulting is also part of GATF’s Solutions On-Site Consulting Team, and regularly works with industry associations as a speaker, for education and training programs. ​ Sid’s Educational Background: ​ 1966 – 1969 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (emphasis in Marketing & Psychology) (4 year degree in 3 years) 1971 – 1973 MSBA at University of NC at Greensboro (Two-year curriculum – night program – Wrote best comprehensive exam in graduating class) 1991 – 1994 Post-Graduate Ph.D Studies in Human and Organizational Development at The Fielding Institute Services Chadwick Consulting offers a variety of services to meet companies’ needs in the graphic communications industry: ​ CEO Peer Group Facilitation for Improved Company Performance Customer & Project Research Customer Surveys Customized, Self-Promotion Newsletters for Client’s Customers Employee Surveys Equipment Justification Studies Organizational Development Personnel Selection, Development & Retention Research for Business Development Sales Remuneration Plans Self Promotion/Business Development Support Service Organizations for Healing Strategic Planning Strategy/Differentiation Development Supplier Surveys ​ Contact us for more information.

  • Peer Group Testimonials | Chadwick Consulting

    Peer group testimonials Denny Shorett - Founder and Previous President, Crown Printers ​ As usual, you did a supurb job of organizing our sessions and its content. Our speakers were informative and, as usual, our member dialog was fruitful. It was also prudent of you to recommend that we schedule our meeting to coincide with the SGIA show. I found the show to be informative, enlightening and well worth my time. ​ I would again give you high marks in all categories of our Orlando meeting. Our meeting room, lodging, check-ins, speakers and dinner choices were all great. ​ As you know, I was in another PEN Group before this one and there is no comparison between the quality I receive now and what was so badly lacking in the other group. I recently spoke with another one of my colleagues in California who is also experiencing lack of leadership in his PEN group. My guess is that we have one of the top groups in the US under your direction. The fact that you take the personal responsibility of structuring and conducting our meetings in an orderly and disciplined format, with quality content, keeps us on tract to receive the value we expect to gain from our investment of time and money. ​ Denny Shorett President Crown Printers ​ ​ Doug Grant - President WestAmerica Communications ​ Dear Sid: ​ I’d like to offer an endorsement of CEO Peer Groups in general, and also share the positive experiences I’ve valued about our group in particular. ​ I’ve been in business over 35 years, and one thing I’ve learned over that time is that “I don’t know it all”. Nor do my top managers. That’s why I’ve embraced the concept of peer groups. “Iron sharpens iron”, and I’ve found this to be very true in my experiences with our group. At each meeting, our members openly share key indicators, critical business issues, marketing and business development efforts, organizational and technology changes, and much more. In return, we each receive valuable feedback, new ideas, best practices strategies, and often some “tough love” when we need it most. I can think of several times over the years that our members have challenged me to take critical steps and to make important decisions (decisions that I would have delayed or ignored otherwise). My business is healthier as a result. And I am a better CEO as well. ​ Sid, your facilitation of our meetings adds value. A group of “type A” CEO’s all gathered in one room is like herding cats. Yet you keep us focused and on track, and it’s clear you desire that all of us receive value from each meeting. The guest presenters, site tours, webinars, and trade shows that are sometimes part of our meetings have been very informative and provide additional value to me and our members. And the “feet to the fire” commitments we make at the conclusion of each meeting really do help keep us accountable and on track to effect positive changes in our organizations. ​ In short, I’m a “satisfied customer” of our CEO Peer Group. And I’d be happy to be a reference for any potential member who is interested in growing and improving their business. ​ Doug Grant President WestAmerica Communications ​ ​ ​ Wanzie Collins - CEO Panaprint ​ Why a peer group? ​ A wise man told me once, “If I do a dollar’s worth of business with you and you do a dollar’s worth with me, we each still have just one dollar. But, if you share an idea and I share an idea, we’ll each have two ideas”. So it is with our peer group. I seem to leave each meeting with much more than I brought. ​ It’s like being in the room with a group of experts from my industry who are willing to share openly their knowledge and experience. No member is ever expected to divulge any more information than he is completely comfortable to do. Each meeting also provides an interesting tour or program. But, without doubt, the greatest value is the friendships developed through these meetings. ​ Wanzie Collins CEO Panaprint ​ ​ ​ Richard S. Vann - President PostMark ​ Dear Sid, ​ Thank you for another very well run and informative Peer Group meeting. As always, the accommodations were first class and the restaurant selections provided superb food, ambiance, and camaraderie with fellow CEOs. ​ The presentations on marketing for our companies and for our clients, as well as the presentation on hiring, were excellent. I’ve always appreciated and learned from the industry professionals and academics that you have arranged to meet with us. The breath of material that you have assembled for us over the years is extremely impressive. We have had a really broad range of topics that have gone from selling companies, to estate planning, and to men’s health. ​ As good as the accommodations and additional presentations have been, I believe that the primary value and enjoyment is in the other members and their willingness to share their successes, problems, experiences, and knowledge. Running a company is a hard and, sometimes, lonely job. The opportunity to see what other CEOs are doing, to share successes and problems, and to have peers, who over time have developed an understanding and empathy for my operation, provide feedback has been wonderful. In addition, it is greatly enhanced by the friendship and understandings that develop over time. There is so much depth of understanding that comes from meetings and discussing common issues over the years. ​ If anyone should ask me about joining on of your peer groups, my response would be, “The value is there for you to take advantage of it. Join now and start getting help on running your company!!” ​ Richard S. Vann President PostMark ​ ​ Richard Miller - Owner Fineline Printing Group ​ What’s great about a CEO peer group? It’s a gathering of talented, professional business leaders who value and support each other. It’s an opportunity for industry peers to “talk shop”. We have a facilitator, Sid Chadwick, who keeps us on task and channels the energy of a group of Type A personalities into a meaningful dialogue. We host a wide range of speakers who keep us up-to-date on effective management practices and a wide range of subjects that affect our lives professionally, personally and physically. ​ Richard Miller Owner Fineline Printing Group

  • Client Testimonials | Chadwick Consulting

    client testimonials Richard Vann, President – PostMark Inc – ​ “Sid provides a realistic, insightful, and broad view of the graphics arts industry and most importantly, a relentless pursuit of excellence in helping one improve sales by helping improve their client’s economic performance. In providing information, techniques, and focus, Sid guides graphics arts organizations towards greatly improved results. The CEO peer groups and training courses that Sid facilitates provide meaningful insights into non-competing operations while building long-term relationships with serious business professionals. PostMark has enjoyed a long and beneficial relationship with Chadwick Consulting and highly recommends the use of Chadwick Consulting’s services.” ​ ​ ​ Debbie Nicholson – President Think-to-INK! – ​ “I have been associated with the Printing Industry for 20 years, and I can tell you one thing…for sure…change is inevitable. Change is exactly what Sid Chadwick of Chadwick Consulting introduces you to, if you will allow him. The term “ink-on-paper” is such an important part of what we all do on a day-to-day basis, but what Sid Chadwick brings to the table is how to be the best at what we do. He outlines how to efficiently and effectively win the trust of a new client(s) and then, most importantly, how to make sure they “feel” like a vital part of our organization to make sure the retention percentage is optimum. ​ We as owners/managerial staff get so wrapped up in making everyone around us (our employees especially) happy, that the mis-steps along the way lead us to making decisions that are not manageable for the long-term. Sid helps us to re-arrange those thoughts from a negative perspective and put them into an active and effective process to work with all levels of accountability towards a positive and profitable end-solution. The greatest asset that we have in this complicated and changing industry is Sid Chadwick. He is the eyes and ears of our industry — he is the most effective tool we could utilize… Now call him and change your Company to be the best it can be. And, ask yourself, ‘If All Things were Possible’… because he will!” ​ ​ ​ J. Timothy Roberts, Prisident – ROI Printing Companies GM, MPI Labels of Baltimore “Over ten years ago, I was quite fortunate to find Chadwick Consulting when you were most needed. My business, which I started in 1987 with borrowed capital, had become a significant player with a national presence in a very competitive industry. We had successfully identified a market niche serving the short run sku’ s of national brands in the CSD market. While we were an approved supplier by the brand name, our customers were the franchise bottlers throughout the country. We produced what the wide web printers avoided until the parent company instituted ‘global’ purchasing practices and overnight we lost 35 % of our sales volume. Thus, the crisis to which you responded. ​ During the next six months, you counseled and prodded us along in a direction to recreate ourselves, While Chadwick Consulting was recognized throughout the industry, I had the opportunity to experience first hand the impact of your input in providing guidance to new product development, creating niche markets capitalizing on our strengths, developing a sound marketing plan, and providing the discipline to implement these plans. Needless to say, we survived a most difficult time and your continued involvement with our company became a valued resource. Over the years you became an integral part of our team, providing training to our customer service and sales group, guidance to our marketing manager, participation on our executive committee, providing excellent market research, and instrumental in my personal growth while providing opportunities to participate in PEER groups within our industry. ​ I mention my personal growth because I sincerely doubt that without your counsel over the years, I would have been able to recover from the “new press” debacle we experienced in 2007 to 2009. We had built a company of a unique character, strong in creativity, diverse in our capabilities, and committed to our customers and our employees. Your footprint can be seen in all of these areas. ​ After the difficult times of 2007 to 2009, it was obvious we were undercapitalized and cash was a serious problem. While building a $20 MM company, with an excellent reputation and expertise in many different markets; it was obvious that the losses associated with the new press were a problem. One of the options we had was the sale of the company. I found a company five times our size with eight plants throughout the country who was looking to enter markets and purchase equipment that we already had in place. The synergy was perfect — the acquisition of our company was a great success. ROI no longer exists; however the personnel, customers and equipment continue to serve the community with the same basic philosophy. The spirit lives on for which I am very proud. ​ I have put forth this epistle for many reasons. First I want to thank you for the profound affect that you have had on ROI and Tim Roberts — you have been of invaluable service to all of us. I also want to thank your staff (Karen) for the excellent work that they have done over the years — research was very thorough and well thought out. Finally, I would like to acknowledge the excellence of your work and to encourage you to share this document with any prospective client or to post as a testimonial to Chadwick Consulting. I would go one step further and suggest giving my number to anyone that would like to discuss my experiences with Chadwick Consulting Group. ​ Once again, thank you for many years of friendship and professional input.” ​ ​ ​ Paul Vartanian – Print Solutions – ​ I wanted to let you know how wonderful it has been to work with you. Starting this journey together, I did not know what to expect. As I am sure you can remember, how hard it was to make the decision to move forward. More than a year into our partnership, I can say with certainty that the education, coaching, staff training and overwhelming emphasis on client relations is exactly what is needed to help get us to the next level. Tailoring your guidance and training to our needs was spot on. You have changed the course of who I am and the direction of the company. You gave me so much than I thought I was going to experience and learn, and for that, I am ever so grateful! ​ Continued success in 2017 from the Shadows of Manhattan ! ​ ​ ​ Walter Payne, President – ImageMark Business Services, Inc. – ​ “Today the print industry faces more challenges than ever before. Companies face a declining market that is challenged by an economy that struggles to sustain movement toward improvement. As a result, survival is not guaranteed. ​ Over the years Sid Chadwick at Chadwick Consulting has provided consultative services to ImageMark, and has largely played a significant role in both our survival and success. Just this past year, as our nation struggled to gain it’s footing, ImageMark re-financed its operations and moved into a new 77,600 square foot facility. Much of what we have accomplished over the years can be directly traced to the consultative services that Sid has provided to ImageMark. ​ Often times that which one needs to hear is not so pleasing to an entrepreneur’s ears, but needed. If you desire sugar coated services…don’t call Sid. However if you look for a consultant who has his fingers on the pulse of our industry and you seek to “right” your ship I strongly urge you to call Sid. ​ My view is that as business owners we can’t take chances on survival. If you are seeking to get your business pointed in a direction that gives you the opportunity to not only survive but thrive; I encourage you to reach out to Sid. I have been doing so since 1998! ​ Navigating the currents of a tough economic environment, tightening credit, customer client base that is challenged to survive is not easy. Sid can help you navigate these times not only to help you survive but thrive. ​ Want to know more…please feel free to contact me. Sid has my contact information.” ​ ​ ​ Jess MacCallum – Professional Printers – ​ I remember a cartoon I saw once, with two cops standing over a chalk outline. “From the number of stab wounds, we can conclude the victim was a consultant.” ​ I’ve felt that way once or twice during the six years we’ve engaged Sid Chadwick. But only because he was right, and hard decisions lay ahead of me. ​ Sid consistently points out things our often-myopic industry ignores, but would be wise to adopt. He is a wealth of information, ideas, contacts, and, above all, relevant steps for improvement. In short, what he teaches is useful immediately in my environment. ​ I personally take advantage of virtually all opportunities/services Chadwick Consulting offers, and I include as many of my people as I can. I don’t want to move ahead alone. (In fact, I sent my wife to his business development conference and she doesn’t even work in my company. Now we talk at dinner like never before!) ​ Sid Chadwick is an indispensable partner for Professional Printers, Inc. and will be as long into the future as he hangs out his shingle. ​ [Professional Printers, Inc. is one of the largest privately-owned commercial printers in the southeast. They employ over 100 people in two locations in the greater Columbia SC area.] ​ ​ ​ Tim Bryant, VP Sales and Marketing – Daniels Graphics ​ “What you do is create a sense of urgency, an atmosphere of learning and a desire to improve all the time, so we can become better in our businesses than we ever believed.” ​ ​ ​ Thomas D. Conley, Sr VP, CFO – Professional Printers – ​ Our sales team is comprised of quite an eclectic mix of age and varying experience. To say the least to find common ground that would be appealing to all and change some of our culture would take quite a unique approach. ​ We engaged Chadwick Consulting and Sid’s considerable talents in April of 2010 and although changing a culture is formidable, Sid was relentless in bringing real tools and strategies that can be put to use from day one for everyone. ​ Today, two years later, fruits are not only still being seen, but after implementing much of what we have learned, have paid dividends that may very well go on for years. ​ I highly recommend Chadwick Consulting, but don’t call him unless you are serious about making a real positive change in your sales culture. You will not be disappointed!” ​ ​ ​ Tony Tedeschi, President – Piedmont Press & Graphics/Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine – Piedmont Press ​ “What you do is create a sense of urgency, an atmosphere of learning and a desire to improve all the time, so we can become better in our businesses than we ever believed.” ​ ​ ​ Bessie Halfacre, Former Editor – IPA Bulletin ​ “Several years ago, as editor of the “IPA Bulletin,” I was struggling with the need to add quality business development articles to complement the technical and standards articles for which the Bulletin was well-known. While it was fairly easy to acquire technical articles, industry-related business articles were much harder to come by. About the same time, I met Sid Chadwick, who graciously volunteered to write for the Bulletin. His articles, based on his personal experiences with clients and peer groups, were always on target and became one of the Bulletin’s most popular features. Sid writes with a love for the industry and a passion for helping organizations succeed by improving their clients’ economic well-being. Readers often wrote or called to say Sid’s articles introduced them to new opportunities or encouraged them to look at themselves and their businesses from a completely different perspective. Working with Sid has been a genuine pleasure and I count it a privilege to know a man of such high principles, integrity and influence. On a personal level, Sid has inspired me to a new level of excellence in all that I do.” ​

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