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Customer survey testimonials

"A Customer Survey was not something I thought was important. Well, I was wrong. A Customer Survey is a snapshot of what your customers think about you. It was truly an eye opening experience, both the positive and the negative. It has been said that you can't measure. Our survey was a great measure.
It was a surprise to see that some customers we thought were giving us all their work were only giving us a small percentage of their work. We immediately followed up with those clients, which opened opportunities we weren't getting. We learned that a good majority of our clients did not know that we provided mailing services. More follow up to gain more work. We learned that clients were willing to not only give us great testimonials that we use on our website, but were also willing to give us referrals. We did well with that with three new clients in our top 10.
Unfortunately, it was also a surprise to learn how displeased some of our top 10 clients were with our customer service experiences. Underperforming account managers, phone calls not being returned, emails not replied to in a timely manner were just a few. We gained a laundry list of areas we needed to greatly improve and we worked hard to change. For some clients it was too late, but for others improvement was appreciated.
Don't do a customer survey at your own peril. We were so glad to work with Sid on our survey and were very pleased with the mountain of information we gained/learned. I highly recommend that all entities consider a Customer Survey as an essential, let's say, microscope to their DNA. Thanks Sid!"

                                    --Paul Vartanian, President – Print Solutions


"Thank you for setting up our client survey. SunDance prides itself on going the extra mile for our clients. It was a privilege to work with a group that clearly possesses the same value. By tailoring our survey so closely to our business model, you were able to gather real, pertinent data for us. The survey you developed provided us with valuable insights into what our clients appreciate about working with us, as well as pinpointing areas of growth. These results will help us identify, and adapt to changing industry trends and increase our market share. Thank you for proving to be a valuable partner."

           --JohnHenry Ruggieri, President –SunDance Marketing Solutions


"I'm surprised more printers don't take the time to survey their customers. The survey Chadwick Consulting did for us uncovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional business opportunities. Chadwick Consulting's experience and help in customizing the survey questions were important to its overall success. In fact, we found more customer's survey responses so powerful and informative that we built our upcoming annual Business Develop Goals around utilizing what we've learned. Thank you!"

                            --Steve Crowe, President – Oregon Web Press, Inc.

"Excalibur Direct Marketing engaged Chadwick Consulting in early 2018 to execute a client survey. Sid's well thought out and proven approach to the process helped us secure above average response rates as well as detailed client comments. The post survey follow-up meeting and summary documentation exceeded our expectations. This information positioned us well to follow up with our clients on important dialogue for improvement and/or new opportunities."

               --Scott Rempe, Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing – Excalibur Direct                   Marketing

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