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The FIRE… Still Burns

By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc. – 11/16/2023 Published in American Printer

“He who desires but acts not….breeds pestilence…”…………..William Blake


Our forefathers to this great industry knew the power and value of Print - for educating and influencing what readers and listeners needed to understand… …as many illustrations show individuals leaning-in and straining to hear what their “local reader” – was reading aloud.

Freedom, Democracy, and “Taxation without Representation” – were “totally new concepts” - to many average folk.

At Chadwick Consulting, we daily distribute editorials from the WSJ, including some written by or about Thomas Sowell, Jr., and reviews of 100’s of writers – including their poetry – selected and read by Garrison Keillor.

A few organizations (in our sphere of influence) are working to “Educate their Next Generation Management” – to ensure their organization’s continuity. (Note: Executive Positions are to be filled by talent and experience, not necessarily family ownership names.)

We are working with a Distinguished Professor, Dr. George Glisan, of Appalachian State U. – on a curriculum for middle management –“How to use Estimating and Production – to raise your Profitability.” The 1st User client is in the Mid-West, and seems to never hesitate to invest in their future – particularly with Publications.

And in 2015, the U. of Houston launched DIGM-2325, under the leadership of Program Coordinator Dr. Jerry Waite, and as taught by Professor Mark Hargrove, where we were invited to submit proposed Case Studies re. “How to solve everyday business problems, using public databases.” Companies, according to Dr. Jerry Waite, are hiring students who excel at DIGM-2325, even before they graduate. DIGM 2325 is now a required course, with 8-10 Class offerings/yr.

Our unique Customer Survey Process for uncovering over a $1,000,000 of additional business – from current customers – at current prices (not at discount prices) has not been duplicated by anyone else, that I’m aware. (Our Response Rate runs 30%- 35%.)

A treasured, long-term client has developed a dramatic Organizational Learning Matrix, organized by company department, with supporting educational resources. Results include new employees wanting to get ahead, and therefore taking (1) Courses in their Department, and (2) Courses where they prefer to be….! Talented employees have been uncovered, and have moved to much needed positions…! We were used as a Review Resource; the Project is theirs…..!


Kicking and screaming, a few owners in our CEO Peer Group have "faced the music," watching their peers move top, ambitious talent (sometimes including their sons) to "the front," and are moving their Succession Plans" -- forward.

Too many senior owners are turning their companies over to M & A Specialists – for peanuts……getting nothing for well-trained employees, customers and future revenues inadequately paid for – to the company who developed them.

Who could you call at your local association…? Who are they really supporting….?

“Poor is the pupil that does not exceed his master”……Leonardo da Vinci

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