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How Quickly We Forget ...Historically... Tried and True....!

By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc. – 03/07/2024

Published in American Printer: In this article, you will learn about the power of research and problem-solving skills in business. Sid tells a story about a former premier Print Consultant who excelled in his new field thanks to his research skills.”

“Year 765…..Picture Books Printed in Japan.”  …Encyclopedia of Graphic Communications, pg. 852.


A premier Print Consultant - finally became tired of offering solid recommendations to Print owners, who preferred to do things “their way.”  


He subsequently, after doing his homework, moved to Idaho and promptly earned his Real Estate Brokers License.  


Being the keen observer he is, he observed several conditions “about his new neighborhood:” 


  1. Values of properties for sale were numerous in the mid-to-high 7 and 8-figure ranges. (It seems other successful folks also like privacy, clean air, safe neighborhoods, year-round golf, skiing, reliable investment property values, and big-game hunting….!)  

  2. Real Estate Brokers were serving their clients almost exclusively through social media platforms…! 

  3. No one that he could uncover – was utilizing Targeted Direct Mail with high-end photography – for promoting listed local properties – in any price range, much less 7-to-multiple 8-figure price ranges…!  


The local buzz quickly spread that a new Broker was in the neighborhood. Repeatedly, local Brokers, out of the kindness of their hearts, wanted him to know that... “Print is Old School…we hate to see you fail…..” 


His success at “moving properties that had been on the market for over a year…or two…or three” …has sent a shockwave through the local Real Estate market. 


Local Real Estate Brokers don’t know how to Research, or how to cost-effectively use great photography, copywriting, and targeting of Print – to serve a committed client. 


When he walked into the local Real Estate Commission’s January Meeting …as their newest elected Member…the room reportedly became… suddenly quiet. 


To my awareness, DIGM-2325 at the U. of Houston - is the only academic class at any school of higher learning – that teaches students through Case Studies – how to research and solve a business problem – through the use of public databases. 


Mark Hargrove is that Class’s outstanding professor – with approximately 10 to 12 classes a year of that course (now required).


Dr. Jerry Waite, previous Program Coordinator, was repeatedly quoted to say, unhappily, that successful students in that course – “were being hired by more industries outside the Print Industry – than in the Print Industry”….at significant starting salaries, I might add. 


My interpretation is that the Print Industry generally doesn’t know how or care about solving customers' business problems….We primarily care about producing a better printed image… at a lower cost… 


The DIGM-2325 curriculum at the U. of Houston is available to other schools at little to no cost However, as difficult as it has been for other Graphic Communications Programs to attract students who want more than to create Websites and Digital Games, there have been no takers. 


I can say that because I wrote the Case Studies used in DIGM-2325, thanks to the foresight of Dr. Jerry Waite, in accepting my proposal. 


And finally, shouldn’t Research Skills be taught, especially with the growing impact of AI…? (Note: How we ask a question – determines the answer(s) we develop.) 


How are real estate prices in your neighborhood…?



“It takes 20 years to develop a reputation, and five minutes to lose it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently”.…..Warren Buffett, 50 Leadership Quotes to Inspire You, Joseph Lalonde

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