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Newly Hired Employees - Deserve Our Best....! And....Conditions Are Changing...Are We Changing...?

By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc. – 06/3/2022

Published in American Printer

The buck stops here…..”…..Harry S. Truman


On a recent CEO Peer Group Conference Call, our Agenda requested Members to share what they were doing differently in 2022 - with newly hired employees – to improve both hiring and retention of employees, especially new employees.

Results of these discussions also showed improved revenues - and margins….!

One CEO member, who’s known for personally attending to issues requiring change in his company (of well-over 400 employees) – got everyone’s attention when he shared:

  1. We learned that some of our long-term employees were not welcoming new employees….”

  2. A few of our long term employees were not proactively sharing job-related information - that would be helpful to a new employee….”

  3. We stepped-up communicating what we expected of our company community – for assisting our new fellow employees to become a meaningful part of what we stand for, including what values and initiatives - are expected.

  4. We also doubled-up what was expected of assigned mentors, and then followed-up to make sure those details are happening – with a genuine sense of goodwill.

  5. Productivity changes per shift and department – were reported to front-line new and long-term personnel – weekly.

You might ask, "Were there any changes in results…?"

Results measured – and observed:

  1. Quality of applicants – noticeably improved - over the last 4-6 months.

  2. Number of short-term hires leaving in 1st 30-90 days – dramatically reduced.

  3. Productivity per employee hour worked – noticeably improved.

  4. A number of long-term and new employees who had left – returned…!

  5. We started doing a better job of checking competitors’ pay and benefits – and matching similar grades of skill.

Note: We had invested in air-conditioning our three Plants - over the two previous years – something our competitors had not done. Clearly, we had an “edge” re. “Benefits ”- that was paying off.


Pay and benefits - are important.

But a “Positive Atmosphere” and “Genuine Goodwill” – are impossible to fake – or compensate - with only pay.

Do your homework – and don’t just “play” with good suggestions and ideas. Put them into action….and follow-up – always.

If your 1st suggestion needs to change – then change it.

A great workforce tends to lead to increased revenues – and improved margins…!

All that is required for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”……..Edmund Burk

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