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Is a "Sense of Community"...Enough....? Why Should I Stay....?

By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc. – 05/06/2022

Published in American Printer

“…Among prime age workers aged 25 to 54, around 20% anticipate leaving within a year……”……..The Wall Street Journal, April 25, Section A


Imagine retraining 20%+ of your workforce….every year…..going forward.

What % of your costly errors and spoilage… are created by “new employees”…? Take a deep breath. …Now increase that spoilage percentage… by 20%...!

Over the last year, did your customers have higher or lower “reliability of delivery” expectations….? (Increase your number of lost important customers by…let’s say….conservatively…20%...)

There are strategies to counteract these conditions:

  1. The company should have a central goal – that’s frequently mentioned by Sr. Mgmt. And every department should have supporting goals, in writing, that can be measured, and reported - that support the company’s central goal.

  2. An internal monthly Newsletter – that keeps everyone “connected”- especially re. new customers, new employees, and major upcoming events and awards. Note: Humor counts.

  3. A Monthly Report from Sr. Mgmt., especially in writing, re. company progress, what needs to improve, testimonials from customers, and recognition for sacrifices made by employees – for the company.

  4. Employees should be kept updated re. the company’s contributions to community organizations, like schools, food and fund-drives, and volunteer commitments (e.g., “Read, Write, Spell”.)

  5. Contributions from front-line personnel should always receive recognition from Sr. Mgmt.

6. New employees should be assigned a Mentor

– for at least their 1st 90 days. (Turnover of

new employees is about 500%+… that of

long-term employees.)

7. Semi-annual written Performance Reviews,

where the employee is asked, among many

other issues, “What would you like to be doing here in a year or two…?”


Additional costs of a new employee are easily twice that of their 1st year’s earnings, when counting: (a) recruitment, (b) testing and interviewing, (c) slower productivity, (d) errors and spoilage, (e) lost production from a position’s vacancy, and (f) lost customers and orders.

A treasured client recently lost two key employees, that if an “Employee Survey” had been administered, problems in the ranks would most likely have been uncovered – and hidden problems - allowed to be addressed.

How much pain are you willing to experience, before you commit to doing everything necessary – to stop your “Employee Exits”….?

I assure you, well-run, profitable companies are doing most if not all those suggestions….!

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the greatest threat to heightened Inflation… is employees continuing to leave – for a 10%+ pay increase………..

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