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"Buyers Are Waiting...."

By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc. – 06/01/2023 Published in American Printer

Most limitations… are an illusion”…….Arnold Schwarzenegger


From multiple sources, I’m hearing, “Buyers are wanting to see supplier Reps – that can tell them, ‘What’s New’, and ‘Information they can use, that won’t waste their time’.” (Our standard: give them at least two pieces of useful information - on every Sales Call…!)

Two years from now, smart Business Development Directors and owners can expect to reflect, “That 3-to-6-month period after the Debt Ceiling was fought and settled, was a rare opportunity to make our mark.”

“Business Development Team Education & Training”… is not a seasonal or once-a-month item on your calendar. (Your entire Team should participate: Estimators, CSR’s, Inside Sales Reps, Outside Reps, Business Development Director, Designers, Marketing Mgr., and invited Production Supervisors.)

It’s an attitude – from the top of your organization. “We will have the best educated and trained organization - in our marketplace...!” (We want Buyers calling us – first…!)

When that attitude is achieved in your organization and marketplace, by what you do (and not by what you say) - personnel, customers and what you hear that didn’t go well – are providing your next “Education Session’s - Agenda.

Two hours, at least every two weeks, starting off with:

  1. Recent successes, in some detail (volunteered from attendees).

  2. Excellent Estimate Requests – that won work (from your Estimators).

  3. Excellent Quote Letters – that won work (from your Reps).

  4. Detailed review of at least two terrific Samples (from your CSR’s and Reps).

  5. Review of excellent Production performances (from Production Supervisors, including ‘Why?’).

  6. What Production needs Reps and CSR’s to improve (which improves what Production can accomplish).

  7. Which areas of the Production Schedule need more work, need more time, need more complete, timely information?


We were claiming and developing the market position our Buyers were hungry to receive, and our competitors were neglecting.

Today, with more younger, inexperienced Buyers, conditions are more sharply visible.

When Buyers receive useful information from your Reps, your Reps receive a next appointment.

When your Buyers keep seeing your Reps, there’s a professional reason that benefits your Buyer.

Buyers who keep seeing your Reps, buy from your Reps….!

Smart, top-performing Reps – know this…!

Smart- top management - know this….!

Life’s six rules for success: 1. Trust yourself. 2. Break some rules. 3. Don’t be afraid to fail. 4. Ignore the naysayers. 5. Work like hell. 6. Give something back.”…..Arnold Schwarzenegger

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