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Chasing Shiny Objects.... "What Value Do You Bring...?"

By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc. – 11/042022 Published in American Printer

If you think you can’t afford ongoing education & training for your people, you probably don’t realize you’re already paying for it.”……. Allie Hutchison, Sr.


A new, personal low: “Our newly hired high-powered executives are being scheduled to play golf with some of our most important customers.” (From a client, proud of his new hires…)

‘Hope no one asks a technical-supplier question.

“New” Account Executives, Inside Sales Reps and CSRs are being hired - throughout our great industry.

Their technical education and training - too often - are lacking in their beginning weeks…and continue lacking…..

A Buyer, with any experience, spots a “newie Rep” - from 100 yards - and the 1st five minutes. Those Buyers know to wait – at least 6 months, before considering the “newbie.”

Technical education and training… were relentless – in any company I was a part of ….. personnel enjoyed the frequently scheduled training…. they knew it made them better, and more valuable!

I’ll never forget the V.P. of Purchasing from an insurance company, in a seminar titled, “What You Should Expect From Your Print Supplier,” sharing with her seminar attendees, that she had to say (in a commanding tone) to a Sales Rep - on his 3rd visit:

I worked hard for my position and title… I don’t have time to waste…if you EVER come into my office and mention Golf again, it will be the last time you are allowed in.”

Note: Every Sales Call receives an evaluation…. from the Buyer.

What does your Education & Training Program look like for All your customer contact personnel… (e.g., Delivery Drivers, Receptionist, Inside Sales Reps, CSR’s, Bookkeeper, Lead Pressman, and Prepress/Designer)….?


This week I received a call from a treasured West Coast client. Because of the “over-achieving” culture he’s built in his company, plus several key, talented senior managers, his organization has grown over 20% a year – each of the last few years.

Everyone in the family - plus senior management - works about 50+ hours a week. (Understandably, they refuse to report to an association their profitability.)

The owner has two sons - one already at the company - who worked 15 years in Shipping and Prepress, before moving into Business Development, and selling over $15 million+ this year.

The CEO’s call to me was for his second son….who wants to enter Cal-Poly - next year….!

Talent is a given……..

Working ….. to relentlessly develop your talent – is the difference.

The highest reward for a man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it.”…………John Ruskin

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