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Do Your Prospects - Know - and Remember - Your Capabilities....?

By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc. – 06/20/2024

“…In the course of a year, most Prospects will have at least two weeks of disappointment… from their current supplier…..”….Source: Anonymous



I discouraged my client’s CEO from hiring a Sales Rep – to pursue new accounts…for his new Web-Press.


I believed he could achieve his objective of “one new publishing customer a month” – through different means.


Background includes: (a) he had never, in 13 years, had a successful Sales Rep, and (b) he did not in the privacy of his heart believe anything would be different – this time.

At a recent Peer Group Meeting, after his Peers had given him their suggestions on how to hire a successful Rep, I asked, “Would you like to hear an alternative, with radically lower cost, and lower risk…?Being an expert Cost-Accountant and CPA, I had his undivided attention (plus a few Peer Group Members.)

Several Key Questions:

  1. Could you develop 150+ legitimate Publishing Prospects – in your trading area? (He and his V.P. of Business Development – both – said “Yes.”)

  2. If we gave you the databases, could you in the next 30 days develop these Prospects’ top 2 to 3 Owners/managers’ emails…? (He and his V.P. of Business Development – both – said “Yes.”)

  3. If we developed about “20 catchy Blast emails for your organization,” for you to send to these 150+ Prospects – on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month, can you come-up with another 20-30 more for your company…?  (He and his V.P. of Business Development – both – said “Yes, they thought they could.”)

  4. Here's my promise:

“If you send one blast Email, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday, to 150+ Prospects, you’ll start to receive - at least one serious inquiry a week, that turns a Prospect – into – a Customer……within three months of your starting your Blast Emails (short messages, explaining your capabilities, and your unique culture, that make you who you are to customers who love you)….!”


You don’t necessarily need a new, full-time Sales Rep…You do, however need….. A Closer.”


Last week I had lunch with a CEO, who thinks he might want his V.P.,  who’s a very bright, experienced, trusted employee – to represent him in our CEO Peer Group. Their revenues are $7 million, and profitability exceeds 10%.


However, they have 8 Inside Sales Reps…and NO Outside Sales Reps.


His words at lunch were…”What we needed….was a Closer.”


Just a coincidence…?


I don’t think so.


“….I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones… is pure perseverance….”….Steve Jobs

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