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  • – AngelList is a free networking site for start-up companies and angel investors.

  • – Tools and educational guides for smart entrepreneurs.

  • – ContactMe is an easy to use contact and task management tool. Advertises as “The easiest way to organize and grow your business.”

  • – the International Franchise Association is the world’s oldest and largest organization representing franchising worldwide.

  • – “We are the world’s largest independent information resource for those thinking about investing in a franchise, and it’s our mission to help you succeed in your franchise selection process.”

  • Indinero – Helps entrepreneurs manage company finances in real time.

  • – Entrepreneurs can use this free library to learn legal terms that appear in business contracts as well as other important concepts.

  • – Let’s users publish on multiple networking sites through one centralized location.

  • – This online seminar from the Small Business Administration offers an overview of franchising basics for entrepreneurs who are thinking about franchise ownership.

  • – This Q&A by the Securities and Exchange Commission includes an overview of laws that can apply to raising capital.

  • – This site offers easy to read yet comprehensive guidance on a rage of business issues.

  • – TechAgreements provides Business Professionals and Lawyers with access to the actual agreements used in over 500,000 transactions covering over 30 industries.

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