Research for Business Development

Customer Information Fuels Business Development and Opportunities.

I. Target Customer Reports For Clients

II. Update Target Reports — Every 30-60 Days

  • History of Target Company
  • Published Articles
  • Organizational Structure
  • Key Personnel Professional Bios
  • Products and Services
  • Key “Sources of Pain”
  • Competitors
  • Current Suppliers
  • Business Development Strategy
  • Direct Interviews, When Appropriate

Customer/Prospect Research Education and Training

Where there’s an interest, we can teach research skills that lead to appointments and account development, plus systems for:

  • Managing this information
  • Sharing such information across your business development team
  • Using this information for business development
  • Understanding how information is organized

Mystery Shopper

  • Learn how your company really handles inquiries, and complaints.
  • Receive objective feedback.
  • Learn “The Truth” regarding why opportunities are dropped, or overloaded and forgotten.
  • Learn more about your competitors’ offerings, special deals, and weaknesses.
  • Learn who your suppliers are recommending, and what they really believe and say.