“Superior Value of Print”…A Trend…..and….A Neglected, Credible Resource

By Sid Chadwick – 04/12/18 Published in American Printer

“…laptops also distract…students sitting next to the user…and a growing number of professors are banning laptops from their classroom…”……..Print-In-The-Mix”


  1. Have higher-education customers (e.g., universities, community colleges, technical schools, etc.).

  2. Sales Reps are often looking for “useful information” — to take to those customers, represented on campus by: (a) individual schools — who produce quarterly publications , and (b) alumni/fund-raising development departments.

  3. There’s a major article, recently published —  in Print-In-The-Mix —citing multiple Research Reports — on the “negative influence” and “distractions” that technologies have on learning, reading, comprehension, and retention — of what students are supposed to be learning.

  4. If you publish a company newsletter, or conduct Sales Education Meetings with Sales Reps and CSR’s, you might want to devote a segment to this Report — encouraging your personnel to read, discuss, and then to share this information — with targeted customers.

  5. To support that follow-through, you might want to have several discussions, and “roll-plays” — on why this information is important, as you might present it to a college dean, or communications director.


The “Value of Print” — is profound — and yet, we’ve not told that story very well, as an industry.

As a result, only a few segments of our industry have predictably prospered to a significant degree, such as packaging (of a wide variety), personalized direct marketing/direct mail — and targeted publications.

Frequent visits to explore the 100’s of articles at Print-In-The-Mix, published by The Cross Media Innovation Center — at R.I.T. — are worth your time….!.

“You can’t build a reputation…on what you are going to do.”…….Henry Ford

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