“Quote Log Spreadsheet Management”….Is One More Tool… Most Organizations…Overlook…..

By Sid Chadwick – 06/29/18 Published in American Printer

“When the great scorer comes to write against your name, he marks not that you won or lost, but how you played the game.”………………..Grandland Rice


We’re only talking about — improving your “Quote-Hit Ratio” — over…. 50%……….

As I was reviewing my client’s Quote Log Spreadsheet, a request from a different West Coast client — popped-up in my email:

“Do you have a Quote Log Spreadsheet we could study…. and then implement?”

A Sample “Quote-Log Spreadsheet” — should be at the bottom. Here are the elements I recommend (from left to right):

  1. Quote #, Status, Date-In, Time-In, Date Due, Date Out, Time Out: Should be self-explanatory. Note: “Status” — can be designated by (J = Job; O = Still Open; L = Lost)

  2. Customer Name, Description of Job Quoted, Expected Award Date, Delivery Date,  Job #: Should be self-explanatory.

  3. Estimated Quote $ Value. What was quoted, in $’s

  4. Value-Added $’s (Not Shown — But should be included): If we produce the job, what are the $’s available — to negotiate — to contribute to company overhead, labor, bottom line etc.

  5. Follow-up Date: When should the first follow-up call occur — from our Inside Sales Rep, and to whom.

  6. Follow-up Notes: As recorded by a skilled and experienced “Inside Sales Person” — perhaps the most valuable information, long-term — and can include — (a) why we won/did not win the work, (b) changes in specs, (c) negotiating information, (d) next opportunities expected, (e) information that Buyer would like/did like, (f) what next communications should include (including when), (g) was “Thank You” note written.


Yes, this “system” serves a “transactional process” — there’s significant transactional print bought —  (though we frequently encourage “Long-term Agreements).

My fairly consistent experience is that — if this process is implemented by an experienced, thoughtful, and somewhat skilled person — and — reviewed and discussed with a supervisor, frequently — the impact is an — “Increase in Quote Hit Ratios— of over 50%…!

Importantly — that last section, “Notes” — allows for the accumulation of forward-looking information, including — the ability of the purposeful supplier — to pre-empt — the entire purchasing process.

Yes……we have clients — who swear by this process…..!

“For of all sad word of tongue or pen/the saddest of these, It might have been”……………………John Greenleaf Whittier

sample quote log
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