“Hot-Off-The-Wires”…… New Opportunities…..Waiting…

By Sid Chadwick – 05/22/2020 Published in American Printer

“His players say this was another part of Rudic’s coaching genius…He created the common enemy…which was him.”….The Wall Street Journal, May 20, A-14


Knowledge into Action - Sid Chadwick

“The University of Houston’s Summer 2020 Transmedia Marketing TM Certification Program ….offers a world-class, time-saving, online curriculum for adult learners… seeking an engaging training experience… in which you create projects offering immediate benefits in… business growth…job impact… and career advancement.”

“No longer is a marketer only cultivating a creative strategy. Rather, you must blend a strong dose of technology to best reach and retain today’s mobile consuming audience.”

These Four Dynamic Online Interactive Courses….. include:

  1. Transmedia Marketing® — In 12 weeks, you will develop an inspired, multi-platform media campaign utilizing proven transmedia tactics.

  2. Content Strategy – You will develop a powerful social media campaign incorporating proven branded content strategies.

  3. Data Mining — Develop a dynamic data mining marketing strategy using proven tech and techniques.

  4. Video Production — In 12 weeks, you can develop a world-class video promotion using tested visual storytelling tactics.”

  5. Where to enroll: https://www.uh.edu/tech/digitalmedia/transmedia/

From recent CEO …and… Business Development Directors’ Peer Group Zoom Sessions…the following Customer Markets…..are proving to be moving forward — and needing…even desperately needing — print:

  1. Charitable Organizations — for dramatic fundraising.

  2. Higher Education — for student recruitment, retention, and “tapping” alumni.

  3. Safety Shield/Safety Signage — for all customer markets…and especially retail, medical… and chains.

  4. Labels — (utilizing offset [cut-n-stack], Digital, and Flexo) — for food, medical, safety, and agriculture.

  5. Political Consultants — for the biggest political spending budgets — ever…!

  6. Healthcare, Medical, and Dental Facilities — of all designs.

  7. Financial Services — Credit Unions, Mortgage Companies, Collection Organizations, and Banks.

  8. Packaging — of all designs and substrates.

  9. Updating, Creation…. Changing Websites.

  10. Insurance Companies — of all designs — offering radical discounts, and promotions.

  11. Kitting — and — Storage & Fulfillment — as customers transfer costs that are not their core competency — to preferred suppliers.

  12. Advertising Specialties — from Corporate Headquarters — creating “appreciation” — for valued employees….and major customers.


In Water Polo, Ratco Rudic.. “has the most Olympic appearances (9) for the most countries (5) with the most medals (5 as a coach, 1 as a player), the most gold medals (4) and the most longevity (28 years between his first and last gold — retiring 3 times….!) of any coach, according to Olympics historian Bill Mallon.”

Rudic’s gifted athletes testified…before winning a place on his Teams, their normal warm-up swims were 3,000 meters. Their workouts with him (8 to 12 am, and 5 to 9 pm) …required them to swim….up to 14,000 meters (a meter is approx. 3’3”)….!

A few organizations… have a top-talented Business Development professional…. privately… looking for a challenge…that excites them….and their imagination. (Rewards …with great pay-back for the sponsor…..are more than monetary…..aren’t they….?)

Take a long look at U. of Houston’s Online Certification Programming….and give them a call…….there’s nothing like it anywhere…..available.

“We know there are many great causes….but what we’re looking for…to make contributions toward….are great causes…with great leadership…” …..spoken to Scott Rempe, Sr. V.P of Marketing, Excalibur Direct Marketing

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