Do Your Employees Know The Background…..Of Their Employment……?

By Sid Chadwick – 05/31/18

Published in American Printer

“An intellectual is a man who says a simple thing in a difficult way…an artist is a man who says a difficult thing…. in a simple way….”…….Charles Bukowski


With some frequency, I’m asked to review a client’s Compensation Plan….for Sales Reps….CSR’s…..Inside Sales Reps……Plant Managers……..and occasionally — a company President. (In today’s business environment, much — and particularly pay plans — for critical positions — are changing.)

As I review a current or previous Compensation Plan…. I seldom see the Compensation Plan include a “Background” introduction — that describes (a) importance of the position, (b) investments the company has made for that position’s success (including recent investments), and(c) ongoing investments — supporting that position’s success.

Let’s look at a sample “Background” write-up — for a Sales Rep — content for which I believe should be included in almost any written Compensation Plan:


Sales Reps’ diligence in attending to details on behalf of customers expectations — for Acme Communications — has significant influence on Acme’s market reputation, and subsequent economic success. That’s another way of saying that as a company Sales Representative, what you do “off-the-clock” has significant influence on what you are able to accomplish — when “on-the-clock”.

Additionally, owners and many employees of Acme Communications, founded in 1997, have invested over twenty years of their working lives into this company’s future.  Significant equipment and technology have been invested in order to successfully serve customers, and provide a decent livelihood for both fellow employees — and suppliers.

On an ongoing day-in and day-out basis, Acme works to maintain strong supplier working relationships, a significant payroll, ongoing education and training…..and steady upgrades in technology and equipment — to support your efforts and success in developing needed business….and serving customers.

We are here to work as a collaborative Team — that serves customers’ expectations, customers needs, and our company’s market reputation.  You are to become an integral part of that Team effort, and we look forward to your many contributions.”


Many employees have never been introduced to historical or ongoing investments — made by their employer — so that they can earn their paycheck…and take care of their obligations.

On occasion we’ve recommended that a company put up signage —  supporting customers’ Plant Tours — describing the manufacturer of important equipment, it’s replacement cost, and what that equipment is capable of doing.

Employees using such equipment, when reading that signage — tend to look on their jobs — and that equipment — with new-found, elevated respect.

Most of us tend to see our world differently….when we have the opportunity to learn what was required….for us to have the privilege…and opportunity to enjoy….what we enjoy….………

That’s partly why we celebrate a Memorial Day…..every year……

“I do not feel obliged to believe that that same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect…. has intended us to forego their use.”…..Galileo Galilei

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