A Stunning….Rare….Gutsy — “36 Case Studies” Self-Promotion

By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc. – 07/24/2020 Published in American Printer

“The gods help them… that help themselves”…………..Aesop, “Hercules and the Waggoner”


It’s not easy to tell a rare…unfolding story…that is inspirational…on many levels.

“WestAmerica Communications” — 36 In-Depth Customer Case Studies— on their Website — include (but are not limited to):

— Multiple Rebranding Campaigns — Packaging — Interactive Sales Promotions — Aerospace — Customer Membership Management — Professional Sports Teams — Real Estate and Home Ownership — University Fundraising — Health & Wellness — Promotional Items — Municipalities & Utilities — Debit & Credit Cards — Financials — of a Broad Design — Retail — of a Broad Design — Recruitment — Industrial


In Southern California, in this “Covid-19 environment, they are slightly ahead — of 2019’s revenues, while adding  2-4 selective customers — a month….and….on schedule… to show a meaningful profit — for 2020….!

To list, publicly — such Case Studies — is a Testimonial — in Customer Relationship Development — that’s not based on – “Quote and Hope” —or — “low price wins”.

Their CEO — every two weeks — for the last five years — has written a personal letter to every employee — placed in their paycheck stub envelope. (That personal letter keeps everyone on the same page: “What we’re improving and accomplishing, what needs to improve… and what’s next”.)

Their CEO is one of the few I know — who conducts “Periodic Business Reviews” — with Top Ten Customers.

Their CEO… is an Icon for — Ride-for Rwanda — (a.k.a., WBR, or World Bicycle Relief….for 13 countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.) — raising over $1,500,000  y-t-d — for developing sustainable, practical transportation — for getting small plot agriculture to local markets, needed medical assistance, and education for children – holistically — raising a country’s standard of living.


To get to their Case Studies, go to their Website, then go to “Our Work”, then “click-on” — “Case Studies Marketing Ideas” — and scroll down…..!


Is it any surprise that: (a) their employee and Account Executive retention rates — are stellar…. (b) education — and cross-training — are constants,  and (c) many customers are proud to be associated — with this supplier….?

And “yes”…. we’ve been honored to serve them — in three of our four Peer Groups – going back — over a decade.

Next Week: “Why Print…?” — From Lane Press, S. Burlington, VT… for your Employee and Customer Education.

“With self-discipline, most anything is possible.”……..Theodore Roosevelt

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