By Sid Chadwick, Chadwick Consulting, Inc. – 04/02/2021
Published in American Printer

There’s always lots of room… at the top”…Family Attorney, Clyde Randolph


Let’s put ourselves in our Buyer’s position….. a position more often than not that includes:

  1. Lack of experience.
  2. Difficulty evaluating Suppliers….and Quote Letters from different suppliers – other than comparing their “Prices”.
  3. Little to no useful information on suppliers’ Quote Letters — other than “Prices”….and “Specs”– originally from the Buyer’s organization”.
grab opportunity

Is there a Major Opportunity – in every Quote Request – we’ve been possibly missing…?

One of my Objectives: I want to create reasons for my Target Buyer… to almost always want a Quote from me… and my organization….that we can win….

When I provide useful…. educational information — to my Buyer, I’ve invisibly brought my Buyer… closer to me…and my organization.

Examples of Useful, Educational Information – that can Elevate my Quote Letter:

  1. Why we are most experienced with successfully producing this particular project.
  2. “Traps” not recognized in: (a) Production Schedules, (b) Project Design, and (c) Options not discussed.
  3. “Options” – not requested…but which can elevate Buyers “Value-Received” for price paid.
  4. Important issues previously discussed, but not included in Buyer’s Specs. Examples could include (a) shippers to use/not use, (b) Format of Invoicing – preferred, and (c) identification of important delivery details.


I want to distinguish, to differentiate – my organization… and me – as the Preferred Supplier… to my Target Buyer(s)….through my Quote Letters.

Providing a more effective Quote Letter to my Buyer – acknowledges the importance of that person and organization – in a substantive way…such that they inevitably want me…. as one of their suppliers…… The Preferred Supplier…

All this…. I can influence…..I can impact…..if… “My Mission… is to win more profitable work…..!”

Never, never rest contented with any circle of ideas, but always be certain that a wider one is still possible…”…………..Pearl Bailey

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